4 Takeaways on Teaching with Games


Level Up Learning is a national survey of nearly 700 teachers that explores their attitudes, beliefs and practices around games and learning. The survey asked critical questions about different approaches to game-based learning, the efficacy of these approaches, and the role of professional development. For those of us who work in the field, there’s much to use and much to admire in this report. Here are a few of my biggest takeaways: The use of games in classrooms is becoming mainstream. Three-quarters of all teachers use games on a regular basis in their classrooms, and the more frequently they use games, the more they see improvements in student outcomes in both core and supplemental academic areas. Low-performing and special education students benefit the most. Teachers reported that the most valuable quality of games is their ability to motivate low performing and special education students, and these students benefit the most. This bears out at Quest to Learn, where the principles of game-like learning infuse every minute of the day,

2 thoughts on “4 Takeaways on Teaching with Games”

  1. Jackson says:

    Activity or a game, best and improves our learning skills.

  2. Yeshvanth says:

    Game or activity based learning, helps to learn faster and brings out lot of collaboration among students.

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