5 ways schools can catch up on the lost days and portions!


Chennai and parts of Tamil Nadu just had its worst ever flooding in over 100 years. And it is getting back on its feet after facing the wrath of the rain gods. Schools are one of the worst hit in this recent flooding. Schedules were thrown off not only now, but also during the incessant rains a fortnight before the flood and the schools have had a mammoth of unexpected holidays. At Report Bee, we researched and discussed on how to get Chennai back to school and with inputs from various school teachers and principals we have come up with this article:

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  1. Classes on all Saturdays: The easiest way schools can catch up with lost days is to have all Saturdays working. However, ensure you don’t stress the students too much!
  2. Extend the school day: Extend the school day with an extra period. Extend each period with an extra ten min. Extending classes by these small increments will not stress the students much. Schools can also start an hour earlier and complete at the usual time. This will help students to also go for their classes post school hours and not compromise on that! 3-4-5
  3. Weekly targets: Let each teacher have weekly targets on what to complete for the week. This will help them to be focused and follow their plan.
  4. Prioritize lesson plans: Prioritize the important lesson plans that have to be completed for the students. Complete those first!
  5. Less tests and homework: With the both students and teachers already stressed by the vagaries of weather, regular homework and testing schedules will add on to them. Less homework and testing will greatly help de-stress the teachers and the students. If the portions are already covered for crucial classes like 10th and 12th standards, more practice in class with peer assessments will help the students stay prepared for their board exams.

We hope this will get Chennai and the flood affected parts of TN back to school. We’d like to know your ideas as well, please drop them in the comments section below. You can also send us your articles, we shall publish them in this page.

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