Activating Empathy: A Roadmap to Changemaker Classrooms


“The ability to understand what someone is feeling” – that’s the textbook definition of empathy. But when put into practice, empathy means a whole lot more. It means the ability to grasp the many sides of today’s complex problems and the capacity to collaborate with others to solve them; it means being as good at listening to the ideas of others as articulating your own; it means being able to lead a team one day, and participate as a team member the next. In today’s rapidly changing world, empathy is critical to our success – at home, at school, and in the workplace. By completing this free course, you will gain practical tips and ideas from 60 leading elementary schools, 21 social entrepreneurs, and leading experts from across the Ashoka network on how to instill empathy in children, preparing them for the world ahead. Go to Course Registration.

3 thoughts on “Activating Empathy: A Roadmap to Changemaker Classrooms”

  1. Jackson says:

    Empathy is otherwise called as ux in user designs. Making the student learn form their childhood on empathy is world class.

  2. Nikhil Aggarwal says:

    Very interesting way to define empathy and understand those view points better by taking the course. I’m very tempted to take the course myself if it is a short one. Any idea?

    1. Monalisa Hota says:

      Nikhil, did you check the link to Changemakers course page? The course looks short with just 6 Units. Try it. Also, there is a mind-blowing Social Psychology course on Coursera that is sure to bring out more empathy and peace in people. It’s offered yearly in June or July.

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