An Award Winning Innovative Research on Emotional Intelligence

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Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi, Principal Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar did the research on “How to improve Emotional Intelligence of the students in a classroom through positive teacher – student relationship”.  The research was under the theme of INNOVATIVE TEACHING OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP of the Global Teacher Accreditation project by British Council . She received this award in a glittering ceremony on 2nd December 2014 at New Delhi.

Mrs Gowrilakshmi Receiving the Award for her Action Research

Mrs Gowrilakshmi Receiving the Award for her Innovative Action Research


 Context, Findings & Key Learning of the Action Research:

Teachers often feel a bit confused about their roles- to what extent they are to play the role of a friend to their students, and how far they are to remain just as their teachers. Teachers spend a great deal of time with their students and  develop some deep and often long lasting relationships, perhaps one that might continue over a number of years.  When the perfect relationship is established the student will get opportunity to grow in all ways and the emotional intelligence of the students will also improve. This thought gave me the idea to do this action research.

The study found that:

  • 50% of the parents are confident that their children are emotionally strong while the rest feel that it has to be improved.
  • Parents expect the teachers to take up the responsibility to make their children emotionally strong.
  • Knowledge of the family background of the students helps to understand the students’ problems / setbacks.
  • SWOT analysis on the emotional levels of the students helped in resolving conflicts in the class and to assign responsibilities to them.
  • Knowing their potentials through class level talent shows, help them to motivate each and everyone in the class to take part in the events at school, inter-school, District, National and International levels.
  • Atmosphere at home plays a vital role in influencing their behaviour. Nowadays children are highly sensitive and self-conscious.
  • The rules and regulations framed with the help of all the students of the class reduced the conflicts in the class room.
  • Desire to learn and achieve has improved.
  • Students understood the challenges faced by the teachers in the classroom.
  • Students felt that the activities reduced the gap between the teachers and themselves.
  • Motivation levels of the students to achieve scholastically and co-scholastically has improved.
  • Improvement in their confidence levels is seen.



One of the Components of the Action Research

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One of the Components of the Action Research


One of The Components of Action Research

One of The Components of Action Research


The Key Lessons Learnt were:

  • It is the duty of the teachers to create a safe and protective atmosphere so that the students find the class room as a secured place.
  • Teachers have the responsibility of knowing his/ her students in the class room and their family background. In turn the students should also know about their teachers. This helps to create a wonderful ‘teaching- learning’ atmosphere.
  • The caring nature of the teacher has the strong positive influence on the students’ self-esteem. The higher the self-esteem of the students, the stronger will be their ambition to achieve success in life.
  • It is very important for the teachers to make the students understand their strengths.
  • Major role of the teachers is to encourage the students in resolving the issues happening in the school so that they are not disturbed in their personal life.
  • It is necessary for the teacher to respect the student’s feelings, be caring, become role models, provide a lovely ambiance, treat students equally, instruct them constructively, and guide them through the path of success.
  • Emotional awareness, managing emotions, self-awareness, empathy and coaching other’s emotions of the students are improved when informal activities and games are conducted in the class. Through these activities the relationship between them is also strengthened.


(The action research is based on the Kolb Learning Cycle and includes the collection of data, analysis, evaluation followed by reflection and the setting of next steps. Out of 450 applications 116 teachers were shortlisted for action research and 87 teachers were qualified for Global Teacher Accreditation 2014).



The author, Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi, is the Principal of Chinmaya Vidyala School, Anna Nagar, Chennai.


3 thoughts on “An Award Winning Innovative Research on Emotional Intelligence”

  1. Venkatraman says:

    Events such as this will help in bringing a new perspective to teacher and student relationship program. Research such as these will help in fostering a better learning environment in school. Great work Mrs Gowrilakshmi Ma’am

  2. Monalisa Hota says:

    Like it or not, we are emotional beings, constantly driven by our emotions. Much needed area to focus right from early childhood, be it at home or at school. EI will certainly go a long way in enhancing our potential to function meaningfully and affect our well-being. so, this is an absolutely fantastic step in that direction. Nothing can come close to a Principal taking such a step because that just means the ENTIRE school is in great hands. Kudos to Gowrilakshmi Ma’am. Lucky students indeed!

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