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Plastics: Fact or Fiction?

Are some forms of plastic stronger than steel? From celluloid to the conduction of electricity, learn more about plastics in this quiz.


Meera #34

Every kid’s mystery! Meera is an attempt to address serious issues through the eyes of a child, for other children like her. It appears every Friday in The Hindu Young World. The comic is the product of a long discussion, over one night, about how Indian comics never target children….


What is your Teacher Personality?

Take the following quiz to find out what type of teacher personality you have. Are you the ditto master, the strict disciplinarian, the fair and balanced, or the popular teacher? Maybe you’re more coach than teacher? Surely you’re not the walking carpet! Of course, the results are nonscientific and mostly…


Classroom Arrangement

The set up of a classroom is very important to how a classroom is being managed. The teacher needs to make sure his/her classroom is arranged for the students to be productive. The teacher also needs to make sure their classroom has a positive environment for the students as they…


Make a Tornado in a Bottle

  Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle with this fun science experiment for kids. This mini tornado is a  lot safer than one you might see on the weather channel. Follow the instructions and enjoy the cool water twister you create! What you’ll need: Small soft drink…


Meera Comic # 17

That’s a smart trick to stop a fight! Meera is an attempt to address serious issues through the eyes of a child, for other children like her. It appears every Friday in The Hindu Young World. The comic is the product of a long discussion, over one night, about how Indian comics never target children….

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Reforming the Reformers

A young monk named Martin Luther wrote ninety five theses then nailed them to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. He welcomed public debate on the subjects of concern that he raised. This gave birth to the Reformation. Against all the political (and spiritual) powers of the day, Luther was…


Deconstructing Learning Games: Good vs. Bad

Learning games have it rough. Non-learning games are designed around a single primary goal: player enjoyment. That can be challenging enough, but learning games have two primary goals: enjoyment plus learning. This can feel like a struggle. Often, it seems like learning and fun are diametrically opposed ideas, dooming learning…

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Who do our Teacher’s Resemble More Today – Mentors or Trainers?  

  Definition of a Mentor: An experienced and a trusted adviser. Definition of a Trainer: A person who trains people or animals. Which definition is closer to the functions of a teacher in today’s time? Why has teacher appreciation been decreasing by the day all over the world? Do we…

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How a ‘Jhopri’ School (School in a Hut) Became a Temple of Learning

Less than a kilometre away from the busy KR Market in Bangalore is a government school, which is an epitome of effective community participation. Not many years ago, this school was known as the ‘Jhopri School’, i.e school in a hut.  It was a dilapidated structure with walls adjacent to…