Cave Run Multiplication


Cave Run takes learning the multiplication facts to a new level.  In this game, you gather coins while exploring an underground cave.  Be careful of the underground volcanoes, boulders, ice traps, and crevasses. Your explorer starts running along the cave floor collecting gold coins.  Click on the mouse to make him jump from platform to platform.  As the explorer get farther and farther into the cave, the levels increase in speed and difficulty.  If jumping over volcanoes isn’t enough, throughout the game he will be given multiplication problems to solve.  (Multiplication equations are presented using our learning probability engine.)  This game truly make practicing the time tables exciting.  This is one of those math learning games that kids want to go home and PLAY.  Games like this make learning FUN

Don’t cave in when it comes to learning the times tables.  Start digging your way to multiplication mastery.

One thought on “Cave Run Multiplication”

  1. Jackson says:

    Interesting 1712 was the last score. Yah!

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