CBSE seeks feedback from students through online form


CBSE is seeking feedback from its students about their schools’ infrastructure, teaching methodology and the board’s curriculum quality. The feedback is to be submitted online through a questionnaire put up on the central board’s official site. Students of Std V-XII have been invited to rate their school and give suggestions for improving teaching content. This exercise is part of the ministry of human resource development (MHRD) to develop a new education policy by getting feedback from all stakeholders.

There are separate questionnaires for students from Std V-VIII and for those from Std IX-XII. Both the online forms have 22 questions each and students have been asked to mention their name, class and school details. The board has promised to keep the questionnaire confidential. But since the online form does not have authentication system in place it is very easy for anybody to use a fake name and submit the feedback. It’s pretty clear that the board is relying on students honestly giving feedback since there is no way to ensure that the questionnaire submitted is by students.

The initial part of the questionnaire gathers information about the student, name and location of school and how far it is from his/her residence. Students have to give feedback on the level of safety in specific areas of the school like playground, corridors, classrooms and toilet. Students then have to share details of infrastructure in their school for those who are differently abled and how the school ensures diversity. The latter part is being asked with reference to how those from disadvantaged groups, physically handicapped and slow learners are “respected” in schools. CBSE also wants to know how much respect exists between teachers and students.

Curriculum and teaching methodology also come into focus with the board wanting to know whether students are finding the content useful in real life. Multiple questions probe students in whether what they learn inside classrooms is helping them to deal with situations that one would encounter in the outside world. The board is also interested in knowing about the vocational courses and its utility in making students employable. The questionnaire lists out various vocational courses which the board offers students (mostly in Std XI-XII) and asks them which one gives them the best chance of getting employment. The feedback is not mandatory and those willing to do so have to submit the form by October 5.

Source: The Time of India

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