Creative ways schools can adopt to teach children


With schools being shut off for almost a month now, there’ll be a big pile of portions to be completed. But now, schools can easily adopt different creative ways to teach the children. This in fact will be the perfect time for schools to implement a new idea or method of teaching in their classroom (at least for the lower classes). By being creative, students will enjoy their learning process making it easier for teachers to teach and personalize learning.

Here are a few creative ways teachers can implement in their classroom:


  1. Flipped classroom:While many know about Flipped Learning already, we think it is the best time to implement it. In this, children learn at home and do their homework at school. This is proven to be really effective and is followed in a lot of western countries. Flipped classroom will help teachers to ease tension and help provide a more personalized learning for the students.2
  2. More projects and presentations: Projects are not a new thing and everyone knows about the benefits of projects. At times like this, projects are one of the best ways to accelerate learning. Students will be more engaged by doing projects and presentations and will learn faster.3-4-5
  3. Develop Zest : During these catch-up phases, students tend to get stressed easily. Since most schools will cut down on physical education and other extracurricular activities their energy levels can easily drop down. Get students to feel on cloud 9 all the time! Before the start of every period, spread the energy in the classroom!  Have a rhythmic clapping beat (tatata tatata ta ta ta) that students and teachers can do before the start of every class.
  4. Weekly goals: Get both students and teachers to have weekly goals. Ask the students to set their own goals for the week. This will help them in being more focussed , have their own rules and come up with their own study plan. Research indicates that this metacognitive strategy improves students’ ownership and also tend to self-reflect on their learning.
  5. Laying the foundation: The best time to lay the foundation for classroom discipline is after a good break both students and teachers have. When schools reopens, students will be excited to be back, energized. Use this time to set a few basic rules to have your ideal classroom and discipline children. The rules can be as simple as


  • Raising your hand to wait your turn to speak
  • Staying focused on your work
  • Walking quietly in the hallway
  • Giving your best always!

Get your students to come up with their own rules for the class. They will follow it more diligently!


Be creative, Don’t take the stress. Let your students enjoy what they learn!

2 thoughts on “Creative ways schools can adopt to teach children”

  1. Anandhi V says:

    Need of the hour.But many teachers are already in the track.

  2. Lakshmi Balakrishnan says:

    We are already into Edmodo which is very effective and useful. We have made the maximum use of the holidays through this. As many students are into whatssapp it was easy for us to get connected immediately.

    We really appreciate the advancement of technology. It really made us think beyond classrooms.

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