Effects of Technology by in Education by S. Ramya (Reflections Shortlist)


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Pros and Cons of Digitized Report Cards

Nowadays many schools and colleges are publishing their results online and digitized Report Cards are generated. It clearly shows that new technologies are introduced in our Indian education system. I chose this topic because my school, Sri Vageesha Vidhyashram (SRIVV), publishes the results online.

We are generating digitized Report Cards with the help of all teachers working in our school. Parents can view and download their ward’s marks from our school website (www.srivageesha.com/ /result). Earlier, we used to make Report Cards manually by writing all the marks on paper and then, entering them again on the Report Card. It was a very tedious job for the teachers! Now, Report Bee (www.reportbee.com) has made our teachers work much easier. We enter marks directly online without any repeated paper-work.

The process and advantages:

  1. Each teacher has a separate login with their own email id and a password. After logging in, teachers have many quick links to work with, such as:                                                                                                                                              • Insights
    • Records
    • Report Cards
    • Registries
    • Attendance
    • Quizzup
    • Waggle SMS
    • Crystal
  2. To enter marks for the children, teachers select one of the quick links ‘Records’, then, select a class which they are handling, create an ‘academic tree’ and save it. After this, the teachers can start entering students’ marks easily. They can also download the marks as a pdf file or excel file in their system.
  3. Teachers can click the quick link Crystal and check whether parents have viewed the results or not. If the parents have not yet seen the marks, teachers can intimate the ward’s parent through another quick link, Waggle SMS, to see the result.
  4. Many contests for teachers are also conducted through Report Bee software such as on Teachers’ Day and at the end of the academic year. This motivates the teachers to work efficiently! In our school, many teachers have won prizes till now.
    At the end of the academic year, parents can also view and download the FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4, SA1 and SA2 RESULTS.
  5. At the end of the academic year, parents can also view and download the FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4, SA1 and SA2 RESULTS.
  6. Last but not least the students are very eager to see their results online. Students have a separate login. They have to login with their admission numbers and dates of birth. They are very much interested to know the marks they got in activities, projects, pen & paper assignments, role-plays, etc. They are very keen on knowing their class average and also interested in online results than manual Report Cards.
  7. Due to the introduction of this new technology of digitized Report Cards, paper-work is reduced substantially. Our school is proud to say that “SRIVV is eco-friendly”.

Disadvantages: I also want to share a great disadvantage of these digitized Report Cards.

  1. Some of the parents (who do not use the Internet) are unable to see their ward’s result.
  2. A teacher has to be careful while entering marks. If she makes a small mistake, it will create a big problem. For example, there are two students by the same name, Sanjai.S. If the teacher confuses with the names and the marks are entered in a hurry, then what happens? I t will be a big issue! So, teachers need to be very careful while entering marks. A good solution for this problem is to check the marks twice or thrice with such names. After all the marks are entered by the respective subject teachers, the class teacher needs to sign off with the Principal’s permission. And then, the mark Registry is locked for any changes.

In conclusion, digitized Report Cards are eco-friendly cards that won’t affect the environment in any way. Paper-work, and hand-written work is reduced. On the whole, digitized Report Cards are useful for teachers and parents.

Our school, SRIVV is very proud to generate digitized report cards.

Mrs. S. Ramya teaches Computer Science in Sri Vageesha Vidyashram, Chennai, TN. 

Reflections 2015 Poster

Reflections 2015 Poster










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