Effects of Technology in Education by Vimal Raj (Reflections Shortlist)


This article is one of the shortlisted stories/essays submitted for Reflections (a writing contest for teachers).


Education, in general, means a process of learning in which the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to another through teaching, storytelling, discussion, training and experiments, research etc. From ancient times to the contemporary era, the method of education has transformed in an unprecedented way.
After the development of science and technology from 19th century, the mode of teaching has been changed in a tremendous ways. As time changes, everything changes accordingly education system and its method of teaching found its new way. Across the globe, every country has been keen in modernizing education through latest technology. Usage of blackboard and chalk-talk method has become a very boring concept to the present generation; so, the teachers should have the ability of use technical means in all ways to teach their discipline. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a vital role in implementing education in a very effective manner. Using multimedia like audio-video, subject DVDs, Television, Projectors help teaching and learning interesting.


Revolution of the 20th century is the invention of computer, which became as necessary as air and water is for life. Usage of computer for teaching and learning process is like drinking water for living. Today, the world is under internet, using the same to teach every subject is more necessary. Virtual or online classes, Connecting Classroom, recording classroom activities etc. are the modern tools for propagandizing education. Using tools like Microsoft Office for teaching-learning process makes it more efficient and interesting. Students start to learn by themselves using the ICT tools; so, here teacher acts like a mentor who guides students to use technical tools in effective ways. Teachers should learn every new advancement in ICT development. Teachers use Microsoft Educator tools and resources to teach their topics as well as Skype, video conference, Twitter, Facebook and all social networks for teaching.
In 21st century, the invention of mobile and smartphones has brought new revolutions. Using the same for education has become the most needed in the present scenario. Downloading files, apps, books, pictures, videos, and various resource materials for education process is the advancement of teaching-learning process. So, before the invention of technical tools, education was a ‘man only’ process; but after the invention of technical tools, education became a ‘man-machine’ process.
So, the use of technology in education is very effective but it has miles to go!
Let’s us use technology in all forms to improve the quality of education.


Vimal Raj

Mr Vimal Raj

Mr Vimal Raj teachers Science in PUMS Bethanahalli , Palacode Block, Dharmapuri District, TN


Reflections 2015 Poster

Reflections 2015 Poster

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