Effects of Technology in Education (Reflections Winner # 2)


This article one of the top-three stories/essays submitted for Reflections (a writing contest for teachers).

A child who comes to my class with different psychological wound will definitely get medicine through my Information and Communication Technology (ICT) usage in the classroom. Students are very much attracted towards me because of the ‘tech tools’ that I carry to my classroom, like a college student. They get a lot of exposure towards the recent trends in ICT field because of my usage. And they develop a lot of 21st-century skills, like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking etc. Students from Government schools are more interested in using ICT. I have come to know this as a result of my M.Ed. research. Students frequently use Android software for their learning; they also use computers, laptops and internet for surfing the net.  I dub the English videos downloaded from YouTube into Tamil for my students to easily understand their subject. Let me share some details in the following paragraphs.

 Smart Phone Usage: Android software, such as Tamil dictionary is very useful in my class as an E- dictionary. Instead of carrying a big dictionary in their hands, students find this e-dictionary very easy to use. I normally give my smartphone (which has this software) and my students find the meanings smartly and write them in their notebooks. This software has a special feature of Tamil to English Dictionary which helps me to find English parallel words for Tamil words. One day, one of my students asked me, “How do we say ‘avarakka’ in English, Sir”? Without postponing, I searched in this software and replied, “Lentil”. Kingsoft Office, which is a free Android software, helps me in creating presentations easily using my mobile. I have taught my students to create engaging presentations using this software. They also create presentations easily by clicking pictures from their textbooks with the camera in my mobile, add text and then project them using our LCD projector.

I must definitely mention the Android software, Yosi, which is very useful for my class prayer. Students find Puzzles, Proverbs, Thought for the day etc., in their mother tongue (Tamil) with this software every day without an internet connection. Word Search is another free Android software which helps my students to increase their word power by searching words from the grid. Sketch Free and other drawing tools from Android help students to draw pictures necessary for their presentations. WhatsApp, a social networking software, which is very popular Android software, helps me in sharing classroom activities immediately with my friends. We Chat, Viber and Hike are also on my mobile which helps me in reaching out to many teachers in Government Schools in no time; they learn many classroom activities which pave the way for the betterment of students.

Laptops in my Class: My students use NHM writer or Kural software to type Tamil words using Unicode. I assign them tasks like small words in Tamil, then they construct small sentences in Tamil and then they try to translate it into English. This helps them to learn the phonology of English as they type using the sounds of English equivalent letters. I use software called Snipping Tool to take a snapshot of the computer screen and add the snaps to my presentations. Microsoft Power Point 2013 (for creating engaging power point presentation) also allows many new animations with which we could create a very lively presentation. We can also save this presentation as a movie! Macromedia Flash 8 (for 2D animation creation) software is very useful for creating new animations which could be used in any platform. Software like Photo Story Creator (for photo story creation), Audacity Gold Wave (for audio editing), Windows Movie Maker, Power Director, Adobe Premiere (for movie creation), MS Word 2013, and Corel Draw X5 (for text editing) have helped me to create many e-contents for subjects like English, Science, Social Science etc. I have also downloaded useful educational videos from YouTube and other popular video channels and I have written scripts for those videos in Tamil. I mute the original voice, record my Tamil voice to the videos and play the videos in my classroom with the LCD projector. I use Free Mind, a mind map creation software which helps a teacher to create mind maps and concept maps for any lessons as our methodology ALM has an inbuilt step of it. I use Unicode to type in Tamil. I have used the software Camtasia studio to record the process of mind map creation; I had given Tamil voice over and uploaded it in Facebook and many teachers have learned to create mind maps using the Free Mind software.

Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social network sites aim at connecting people and their contributions. I have accounts in all these four social networks and I have learnt many things through my friends’ posts such as equivalent Tamil words for English words used in our day-to- day life and Tamil letters for Roman numbers. Several of my friends post many short poems which arouse instinct of interest towards writing poems.The Groups in social networking sites also help me learn. I am a member of more than 15 groups and I have created more than 8 groups. I wish to quote two of my groups which are very active in information sharing. The first one is ICT Tamilnadu group which has 133 members that use ICT tools effectively in their classrooms and they share their innovative practices online and other teachers come to know about them and they also follow the same in their classes.

Connecting Classrooms: This is a beautiful way to shrink the world into four walls of the classroom. I have connected my class students with other districts of Tamilnadu and also with Karnataka, Gujarat and even with Japan and USA. My students have interacted with all those class students and have developed strong communicative skills. Their active participation has built self-confidence in them to survive in any part of the world.

Tamil Literature using Software: There is a lot of difference between the Tamil language used for speaking and for typing in internet using Unicode software or with Tamil fonts. When we use Tamil in computers, we could develop our own Tamil literature. Tamilnadu government also conducts a competition to encourage people in creating Tamil software by providing one lakh cash prize to the best software.

I wish to conclude that ICT usage is drastically increasing nowadays and we must take certain steps to develop more software with Tamil interface so that it will reach all the Tamil speaking community and enlighten the learning community by providing exposure to first hand concrete experience. It also reduces hard work of the teachers and makes them smart workers.




Mr S. Dhilip teaches English in GHSS Sathiyamangalam, Gingee Taluk, Villurpuram District, TN.

Reflections 2015 Poster

Reflections 2015 Poster

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24 thoughts on “Effects of Technology in Education (Reflections Winner # 2)”

  1. Sharanya Bharath says:

    Congrats Dhilip! Well written! :) Please write more

    1. Dr. Anupma srivastava says:

      Well done sir. Your efforts are really very fruitful for the students from rural and govt. School background I am greatful to Azim Premzi group amd Team Nectar who had given us a wonderful platform to share so many beautiful thoughts and experiences.

  2. Yuvarani says:

    Congrats Sir Very useful article for teachers

  3. Jayakrishnan S says:

    Kudos to Mr.Dilip.Its well written.

    1. DHILIP says:

      thanks for your wishes jayakrishnan sir

  4. Elayaraja.N says:

    அருமையான கட்டுரை Dhilip sir… இந்த article அனைத்து ஆசிரியர்களுக்கும் பயன் உள்ளதாக அமையும் . மேலும் தங்களுடைய smart (ICT) முறையை Share செய்யுங்கள். அனைத்து மாணவர்களும் பயன் பெறுவார்கள்.

    1. DHILIP says:

      Thanks Ilayaraja will share soon

  5. An Inspirer. An Empower. An Engager. These three characteristics are just a short sample of the many you demonstrate with all of your students, including me, every single day.Too often we progress through the ‘ropes of life,’ and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and authentic value for the support you so eagerly share for our growth, as not only students, but also as global citizens of society . ALL THE BEST Mr.Dhilip. JAI HIND

    1. DHILIP says:

      Thanks for your wishes sir,I am not that big personality as you mentioned but I am a teacher teaching with passion

  6. Senthilkumar says:

    I NEED A HELP dhilip. MY MOBILE 94443884OO

  7. D Vasuraj says:

    Mr.Dhilip I am proud to have a friend like you. We are all your reflections. Keep going with more and more shine.

  8. Jayashree G says:

    Congrats Sir!
    Awesome use of technology to the best results and students learning a lot more from these opportunities.
    Many other teachers and schools can learn from your writing now. Kudos to you!

  9. venkatraman says:

    I like the way you have given examples of effectively using technology in day to day teaching activities.It is very simple to understand

  10. Jackson says:

    Thanks for sharing, had a good time in reading the article. Congrats

  11. Anjan says:

    That’s an impressive array of software tools you employ in the classroom, sir. I particularly liked the way you “smartly” use the “smartphone”: Smart Phone Usage. :-)

  12. Jeevan Siva says:

    Congrats! well-written. Great use of technology in classroom :)

  13. Hariharan says:

    Congratulations Dhilip Sir. The speciality of Technology lies with sharing. Proud to see a teacher like you who does the “Real Knowledge Sharing”. You are fantabulous!

  14. Hariharan says:

    Congratulations Dhilip Sir. The speciality of Technology lies with sharing. Proud to see a teacher like you who does the “Real Knowledge Sharing”. You are fantabulous!

  15. Venkatesh says:

    Congratulations on the winning write-up.

    Though we have seen so much of technical advancements, there are still people who don’t own a computer. It is teachers like you who inspire children by introducing them to technical gadgets in the right way. Keep inspiring them.

  16. Mothilal.V.S says:

    Congrats Sir! You are a perfect example for the contribution to our PM’s “Make in India” drive. Your thirst for knowledge and technology is what keeps the fire burning in you. Very innovative ideas and usage of Technology in classrooms level will nurture great ideas among students.

  17. Chitra v says:

    Computer knowledge is indispensable to win in this competitive world. You are doing a wonderful job teaching computers in the basic level itself which will enable your students to shine well in their future. Happy to share that i too have downloaded the app ‘Yosi’. Thank you and keep writing. Hearty congratulations!

  18. kirthika says:

    Glad to see the teacher with thirst to satiate the craving of students. I have downloaded free mind. Shall try using it. Could see how much you enjoy the technology and making it accessible to students with passion. India needs such teachers. The students of such teachers will imbibe the noble qualities and achieve. Our wishes to continue the good work.

  19. vivek raju says:

    Very well written bro. proud of you :-)

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