Favourite Teacher by Kalpana (Reflections Shortlist)


This article is one of the shortlisted stories/essays submitted for Reflections (a writing contest for teachers).


I am a freelancer by passion and it’s the third time in a row in the same month that I lost my bid. I felt naïve and incompetent. I tried to retract my previous triumphs. Till yesterday, it seemed to be a cake-walk, but why not now? My intellect ceased to understand the cause and fretted over my downfall.

The week started off quite dreadfully when my beloved ladylove (maid) became wobbly with her right hand and became impaired. The doctors promptly advised her to take a good breather from her swamped routine. Bidding goodbye to my lady love was an arduous task for me, for she has been a part of my family for years. I tried to put myself together, consoled myself and aided her as much as I could.

I found myself amidst a turmoil, balancing work and home. Paralyzed, I tried to confront my divine with my indignation. I shrieked and wailed, unable to cope up with my downfall. I felt as though, somebody had pushed me into unfathomable waters. I now chuckle at my ignorance, but certainly the experience taught me to bounce back.

It was now almost a month that my lady love had gone and I tried to accustom myself with the new one. It was a usual busy morning that I received a call from my old maid. She had called me to find out if she could resume her job. Though perplexed about how could this happen so soon, I happily gave my nod. The inner me was secretly relishing her come back.

There came the appointed day and time; the doorbell rang. I rushed to open the door to see my lady love stand in front of me with a wide smile on her face. There she was, with a big smile and with a few handpicked flowers for me, greeting me with all zest. She looked fragile and weak. The mystery slowly unravelled before me. Through the month, she had been working in a canteen. It then dawned upon me that she was the sole breadwinner of her family. Though in turmoil, she had struggled all the way through the canteen work, babysitting and being a bit of a cook to take care of her mentally challenged husband and daughter. In the meantime, she also found a sponsor who could treat her hand (shoulder). She stood in front me like a valiant warrior defeating thousands of men in the war field. I found her to be an epitome of courage.

This lady love of mine has not visited any school, but there she stood in front me teaching an important lesson in life “to bounce back”. I learnt my lessons that day from my teacher, my own “lady love”. She is still an inspiration to me. I found my divine answering to my calls through her. Perhaps, he was silently holding my hand all the while waiting for me to “bounce back” from what I called unfathomable waters.


Ms Kalpana teaches Science in Curio Kids. 


Reflections 2015 Poster

Reflections 2015 Poster

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  1. Jackson says:

    Fantastic, enjoyed reading.

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