Increasing the learning potential of students


This article was submitted by Aditi Natarajan, a Teach For India Fellow. Aditi teaches for Grade 2 at the CPS, Thiruvanmiyur.

Chennai has had a difficult time now. Many people are working for the rehabilitation of the Chennai through their means and capability. This is very heart-warming and shows how everyone’s lives on earth are interdependent and interconnected.
Now, it has been more than a month since I took classes for my students. I am looking forward to meeting my little wonders and teaching them again. I know that many questions are around in our minds regarding the Christmas holidays, exam dates and many other details. But instead of pondering upon that let us just jump in the situation with faith and hope.  

Regarding my class and completion of my portions, my key focus would be to increasing the learning potential for my students gradually in the next few weeks. I am planning on framing my lessons through not only through classroom teaching but also through audio-visual means, games like story-word building games.

For example in math, the second chapter is about different basic shapes, so the game which the class will play is, 

Step 1: They will have to choose the different shapes of paper which would be kept at the teacher’s 
Step 2: Each shape will have their places in the classroom
Step 3: The students have to go stand in the place where their shape is in the classroom
Step 4: They will be a chart paper with the shape characteristics. 

After a particular time they will move to the next shape till they finish off with all the shapes. Like that for EVS , lesson three is about hygiene and cleanliness. So, I thought of having a classroom exhibition of pictures about different places which are clean and not clean, and then have a small class debate on which is good or not good and the reasons for that. Likewise I’m planning to complete my English portions with games like word/story building. I also plan to have a talk with my students about the recent events, have them write about their feelings, which I hope will bring awareness for them. I will also ponder upon how I can support them  as a teacher. With this, I wish the best for my kids and hope they will get back to learning quickly after such a long break.

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