Learning should not be restricted to books


Stressing the need for students to achieve ‘real’ success in life, Vasant Valley School principal Rekha Krishnan  said that children should be able to learn and unlearn. She added that physical, social and emotional needs of a child should also be fostered by schools.

“Talking about the big test for students? It’s not just about scoring good marks in CBSE or ICSE exams,” she said, addressing the Mail Today Education Conclave 2015.

While students are always focusing on books and curriculum, Krishnan said it was extremely important to have an overall qualified education system. “The need of the hour is a qualified education system. The curriculum of school studies should actually go beyond CBSE learning. It’s always about gaining knowledge and not just mugging up books. Predetermined ideas shouldn’t exist, rather mindsets should broaden,” she said.

“Vasant Valley school has been able to hold on to its core principles for 25 years. At Vasant Valley school, we teach how to work with teams,” Krishnan added.

Long school hours usually stand as a conflict between parents and schools, but Rekha believes that these are not meant to burden the student. “Our long school hours are not to burden students. It’s about washing off the typical tutorial ideas which are highly taking over the students who wish to learn. We make action plans to work with the students in every possible way and condition them for a worthier tomorrow.”

To deal with the challenges offered by life is what the students are to be prepared for, she said, adding that the journey from kindergarten to high school cannot be entirely restricted to securing jobs in the economy, which is quite a traditional outlook in India.

“We make our students write and write more as communication has become important. Life is all about multi-tasking and students should be encouraged to do that,” Krishnan added.


Source: India Today

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