Masha Nazeem: Young Serial Innovator and IGNITE Award Winner


She is a serial innovator and has developed eight very interesting projects including the Flameless Seal Maker, which won her an award in the IGNITE 2009 competition of National Innovation Foundation (NIF).

Hailing from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, Masha is a very soft spoken girl and the favourite of her friends and teachers. Her passion in life is to do things differently and strongly believes in the proverb, “Take the path less travelled and the world will follow you”. Presently she is doing her II year B.E in Electrical and Electronics from SSN College of Engineering (NIF received her entries when she was still in school). Masha, passionate towards science, started designing science models from the age of 9. She is also a very talented dancer and an artist.

The journey of innovations

Masha has been quite creative since her childhood. Different kinds of projects have been made by her starting in class fourth and are described below.

One thought on “Masha Nazeem: Young Serial Innovator and IGNITE Award Winner”

  1. Jackson says:

    Congrats MASHA NAZEEM. God speed!

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