Meera Comic # 7


And that’s what friend’s are for.


Meera is an attempt to address serious issues through the eyes of a child, for other children like her. It appears every Friday in The Hindu Young World. The comic is the product of a long discussion, over one night, about how Indian comics never target children. And how, somehow, none of us remembered an Indian comic of and for kids.

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anusha_parthasarathyAnusha Parthasarathy has worked as a features journalist with The Hindu for five years. She writes mostly on history, gender issues and education. Her interests centre around art, literature, environment and music. Meera is her first attempt at writing for children and she hopes to discuss and create a platform for serious issues for children, through the eyes of a child.


ashok_rajagopalanAshok Rajagopalan has been illustrating books for children since 1989 when he drew for Chandamama’s Junior Quest and writing them since 2007. His Witchsnare, published by Penguin India, is India’s first gamebook and his first published book. He is best known as the author and illustrator of Gajapati Kulapati. Ashok believes that anybody can write or draw, if they really want to. He lives with his family in Korattur, a quiet suburb of Chennai.

6 thoughts on “Meera Comic # 7”

  1. Jack says:

    Lol! That was funny though :)

  2. Sharanya Bharath says:

    Haha! i love these comics!

  3. Venkatraman says:

    I love the way they have used images to illustrate the different emotions

  4. Umesh says:

    Lol.. When bullies gets owned. #TrueFriendship

  5. Ant Mani says:

    Are kids this rude/mean in school nowadays?

    1. Monalisa Hota says:

      Anti-bullying initiatives are because some kids do make others’ lives miserable by bullying them. Sadly, they are still there.

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