My Inspirations by G. Arockiam (Reflections Shortlist)


This article is one of the shortlisted stories/essays submitted for Reflections (a writing contest for teachers).


Learning has always been very enriching and interesting to me only because of my teachers. I had a teacher in class V who was very kind and good to me. The dedication with which he inspired all students captivated all the students to get attracted to his classes. I still remember what he used to say, “dear Arockiam, what matters is not only studies, but good behaviour”. He called me and whispered these words into my ears. This simplicity and humility compelled me in many occasions to avoid naughty behaviour. Another thing which made me happy was that it was he who wished us first. So, I do the same with my students. I wish my students first. My interaction with my students outside the class results in wonderful co-operation inside the classroom.

In my college life, one teacher touched my being. He helped me find a process of doing things. He taught me how methodology employed correctly in any endeavour, a systematic approach to achieve any target can help anyone learn copious techniques. He enabled me to find a heuristic methodology. He talked less but made me think more and constantly search for innovations and experiments. I am still in contact with him; he is my Guru. He taught me Socio-Linguistics in Loyola College. He made me know that all languages are unique in their own way. The most lovable language for anyone is his/her mother tongue. One thing I remember about my teacher is that when I was in need, he came to my door to help me. He was my guide for the dissertation I did; I met him several times for intellectual interrogation and discussion. In my encounters, there were times when I literally jumped in front of him after having discovered solutions for some problems. He never told me what to do but only guided me towards the correct solutions. All those discussions had enabled me to be an independent thinker. When I meet him now and share my experiences, he feels elated.

The teachers who taught me in my B.A. degree are great sources of inspiration. Each one had a wonderful style of communicating. I try to become like them and I even interact with my students similarly. The spontaneity they had while communicating to us in English inspired me to imitate them. In fact, I have become so. My students give me a lot of appreciations. All credits go to my teachers who taught me in college.

My teachers have inspired me in multifarious ways. The inspiration I received from my teachers is the soil where I plant my seeds. It produces voluminous fruits. I am sure I too inspire many of my students in several ways in the classroom. Very big thanks to all my teachers! I learnt the value of being a teacher through all of them.


Mr. G. Arockiam teaches English in RMK Residential Senior Secondary School, TN. 


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Reflections 2015 Poster










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  1. Florence V says:

    Good Article Mr.Arockiam

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