Online resources


Here are the links to some resources that are available online:


Textbooks for all standards are available here :

Select the class, subject and book title from the drop down menu on the page for accessing the books.


  • Textbooks for all standards are available here:

Some of the books are audio enabled.

  • Our friends at Classle has put up their “Live Books”, text books in the form of video for free to help students who might have lost their books in the flood. You just need to sign up to access the content.

Maths-6th standard-English Medium –

Maths-7th standard-English Medium –

Maths-8th standard-English Medium –

Science-6th standard-English Medium –

Science-7th standard-English Medium –

Science-8th standard-English Medium –

Maths-6th standard-Tamil Medium –

Maths-7th standard-Tamil Medium –

Maths-8th standard-Tamil Medium –

Science-6th standard-Tamil Medium –

Science-7th standard-Tamil Medium –

Science-8th standard-Tamil Medium –

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