Math game

Simple Math Game

Fun tool for teachers to teach small children Mathematics.

History Buff: Quiz
The value of play

The Value of Play-I: The Definition of Play Gives Insights

Most of this essay is about the defining characteristics of play, but before listing them there are three general points that I think are worth keeping in mind. The first point is that the characteristics of play all have to do with motivation and mental attitude, not with the overt…


Ananya: A School on a Farm with no Textbooks and no Exams!

Children from various age groups and cultural backgrounds would sit together and share stories. They would talk about rain and cricket and flowers and thus started learning – contextual learning. There were no textbooks, only concepts which the children would themselves introduce without even knowing it. Dr. Rao recounted an…

MIT Unleashes New Online Game

MIT Unleashes New Online Game for Math and Science

As the buzz around games and learning continues to grow, one particular subset — Massive Open Online (MMO) games — is catching the attention of educators as a particularly interesting way to encourage students to collaborate, problem solve, create and think for themselves within a game.

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