Deconstructing Learning Games: Good vs. Bad

Learning games have it rough. Non-learning games are designed around a single primary goal: player enjoyment. That can be challenging enough, but learning games have two primary goals: enjoyment plus learning. This can feel like a struggle. Often, it seems like learning and fun are diametrically opposed ideas, dooming learning…

AV how teacher treat their students

How can Teachers Treat their Students Better?

 Teachers are the backbone of our education system. Students look up to their teachers for many reasons. But, the way teachers ‘look’ at their students goes a long way in determining if we will be able to create great citizens for the Nation and the world. How can teachers tune…

Terrorism vs Doughnuts

Doughnuts vs. Terrorism: By Caleb Hickman at TEDxQuestSchool

How old is he? Old enough to give a Tedx talk! Check out more talks by kid speakers and about this inspiring initiative at Ted. About this video: With so much focus on the idea of terrorism in America today, Caleb Hickman’s talk tries to persuade us that there is a much…


The Innovative Teacher

Lively, inspiring, and very creative, Mrs. Vishnu Priya beautifully blends her strong desire to educate each child with her fascinating innovations. Known for her exciting and engaging activities inside her classroom and her compassion towards those children in need of attention in general, she has touched and transformed many lives. We thank her for opening up and…

What Students Want2.jpg.crdownload

What Students Really Expect from their Teachers

In school, I was expected to learn a variety of subjects from History to Biology to Political Science. I was very interested in a few of them, while I just pretended I was listening in the others. At that point of my life, I couldn’t study a particular subject of…

Math game

Simple Math Game

Fun tool for teachers to teach small children Mathematics.

Games on Emotions

An Award Winning Innovative Research on Emotional Intelligence

Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi, Principal Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar did the research on “How to improve Emotional Intelligence of the students in a classroom through positive teacher – student relationship”.  The research was under the theme of INNOVATIVE TEACHING OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP of the Global Teacher Accreditation project by British Council . She received this award…

Engage Kids with 7x Effect

Engage Kids with 7x the Effect

Excerpt: So, what is engagement? It depends on whom you ask. In an unpublished study, Shari Steadman and I found that pre-service teachers often identified acts of compliance as engagement. Wrote one education major, “Engagement is an agreement between student[s] and teachers to be there and present during class.” This…

Positive, Not Punitive Classroom Management

Positive, Not Punitive, Classroom Management Tips

Excerpt: Let’s start with a question I’ve been asked on more than one occasion. “I know my content and like my students, but sometimes it’s hard to get them under control so I can teach my lesson. What tips for classroom management can you give me?” My general answer is…

Appeal to Value

To Help Students Learn, Appeal to What They Value

Excerpt: Greg was among my toughest students in a tough year of teaching high school. Physically he attended class, but academically he was missing. He was a freshman invested in his image with older students he deemed cool, and academic achievement was not a group value. He was disruptive and…

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