The Empathetic Teacher


Mrs. Maheshwari Kalpana’s positive thinking and innovative teaching methods will never fail to impress and inspire. She envisages Kottur Corporation school to be a ‘model’ school resonating with joyful learning, happiness and success. Her deep sense of commitment to spread happiness drives her decisions, makes her empathetic towards children and moves her closer to her ultimate vision. What’s even more striking is that her genuine love and care for children doesn’t just end at the school’s premise as she tries her best to engage those beyond her school’s boundaries, be it by encouraging a drop-out to continue education or by involving the entire community of Kottur to educate ‘her’ children. We salute this educator for her passion, perseverance and wisdom!

She opened up to share some of her deepest thoughts, inspirations and purpose in her *Guru Mantra interview, which we are delighted to share on Nectar.

Her school was covered by the media for this Principal’s great vision in this wonderful video, where she stresses on sports, arts and community participation!




*Nectar’s beautiful initiative, Guru Mantra, is to recognise and meet the teachers who are known for being innovative and creative. These special teachers have contributed towards wealthier and happier lives by the power of their thoughts and their strong drives to educate the ‘next generation’. The purpose of Guru Mantra is to celebrate their priceless contributions to our society.


“The mind is everything. What you think, you become”.  -Gautama, the Buddha 

7 thoughts on “The Empathetic Teacher”

  1. Jack says:

    Inspiring Mam! Best wishes :)

  2. Ant Mani says:

    Great answers. Gem, “Doesn’t improve the performance, success depends on whether teachers love teaching.”

    Intrigued to know more about Applied Psychology for Teacher selection.

  3. Jayashree G says:

    Awesome! I have been lucky to interact with her and every time, I meet her, I get inspired with the works that she does. She is a multi-talented lady who can spread her excellence in all spheres of the school, from academics, to sports and participating in social causes. All the very best, Madam!

  4. Monalisa Hota says:

    Nobel thoughts, clear vision, complete child orientation, love for children, forward looking, humble and so empathetic! She is such a wonderful amalgamation of all great qualities and leadership abilities that I am overwhelmed by the possibilities of impact she can have on children around her. Enriched! Need more like her!

  5. Akka,Congrats…. for a Confident,Brave and Modern Women in you. Let the Talent may enrich you more and more..
    Best wishes…Niaz

  6. R.Rajendra babu says:

    Madham u done great job

  7. B.Anushree says:

    The nine likes and favourites of yours are really appreciable and wonderful. You are GREAT!

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