The man who is using cameras to revolutionize agriculture in India


” Agriculture is the only thing we do for income generation and if we are not even doing it properly, how will we survive? I got associated with a local self-help group (SHG) in my village and they connected me to a team which taught us amazing things through videos. Right from guiding us on farming techniques to irrigation, Digital Green has helped us a lot. You won’t believe that earlier I used to get 50-55 kgs harvest in my farm, but after learning from the videos, I now manage to harvest around 70 Kgs,” exclaims Snehlata Sinha, one of the beneficiaries of Digital Green in Sardar Bigha village of Nalanda.

All thanks to Rikin Gandhi and his NGO Digital Green, many villagers like Sanehlata are following better farming practices.

Gandhi, an Indian-American who had never seen a village till 2006, is now reaching out to over 6,000 villages through his organization and working to improve the lives of thousands of farmers.

2 thoughts on “The man who is using cameras to revolutionize agriculture in India”

  1. Jackson says:

    Technology at all!

  2. Ant Mani says:

    Videos are powerful. I guess the TV attempted to do the same. But Cellphone videos are personal and interactive.

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