The Ron Clark Story


Genre : Biography/Drama

Director : Randa Haines

Starring : Matthew Perry,Judith Buchan, Griffin Cork

Age  : 8+


The Ron Clark Story tells the real-life saga of a North Carolina grade school teacher with an amazing record of success with students; his unique teaching style brings out the best in even the worst students and he tests his mettle in one of the toughest classrooms in America.


In 1998, Ron Clark, still relatively early in his career, having achieved great success with students in his local school system, believes that he can do much more good outside of his small home town, so he moves to New York City, hoping to teach underprivileged kids in the inner city.  But being Caucasian is a drawback in Harlem and none of the New York City public schools will hire him.  Here Clark exhibits one of his strongest traits: he never gives up, not on his students and not on getting hired.  He knows he can make a difference if given the chance. Destiny intervenes one day when he observes a teacher getting rough with a student who is trying to leave campus.  The teacher fights with the school’s principal and quits, giving Clark the opportunity to let his availability be known.  At first he is ignored but finally the principal decides to give him a chance.  He is given a class that includes what everyone considers to be the “losers,” the worst students in the school.  They have the lowest grades, are the most unruly, and the least achieving.  But Ron Clark sees potential in every child and will not give up on them.


The steps he takes, the approaches he makes, the energy he extends and the devotion he shows produce a wonderful outcome.  He reaches the children that everyone, including their parents, had written off.  He successfully brings out their strengths: the artist, the scientist, the math wiz.  Best of all he makes each of them aware of their own self-worth.  He gives them more than an education and a desire to keep on learning; he gives each one the knowledge that they do matter, and that when they put their hearts and minds to it, they can achieve anything.

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