This 15-Year Old Genius Boy’s Inventions Are So Good You’ll Be Amazed …..

Tenith Aaditya2
Tenith Aaditya3

Adjustable Electricity Extension Board Innovated by Tenith

While most kids his age are hankering after that one extra hour of play, he’s up all night in his lab experimenting and innovating! His hard work and passion have helped him win over 15 awards for various inventions! Let’s meet the young genius and find out what makes him tick. “I do not want to live with problems, I want to solve them,” says M.Tenith Adithyaa, a 15 year-old student who already has 17 inventions under his name that have bagged him many awards and two Guinness World Record attempts. An innovator, a professional coin collector, a software developer, a teacher, a bird tamer and a gamer, Adithyaa has a lot of achievements in his kitty and he makes sure he learns something new every day.

(He won the IGNITE 2013 Award for electricity extension board without plug points (in picture).)


3 thoughts on “This 15-Year Old Genius Boy’s Inventions Are So Good You’ll Be Amazed …..”

  1. Jackson says:

    Simply Brilliant. All the best Tenith Adithya for all your future inventions

  2. Jeevan says:

    That’s great, genius adithyaa. DA Vinci always an inspiration to everyone .

  3. Jayashree G says:

    Wow…17 awards in 15 years! All the very best!!

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