Ways to reduce student stress

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In our last article we saw ways to cover the portions quickly after the Chennai flood and one of the way is to keep the students stress-free. Students find it difficult to get back into their routine after holidays as such and coupled with the weather woes it may take even longer. All this will create stress for the students as they will have to suddenly cope up with a lot of things. Here are some ways to keep them stress-free:

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  1. Extracurricular activities is a must: The first action that the schools will take to catch up with the lost time is to cut down on the extracurricular activities. Instead of cutting it down completely, reduce the time or frequency of the PT/art and craft periods. A sudden change in routine will stress the students unnecessarily. Continuing their routine is important.
  2. Get democratic: Involve your students in planning. Make them aware of the time you have to complete the portions and get their feedback in planning. As indicated in the previous article, setting weekly goals will make them comfortable. This improves ownership and since it’s their plan, they’ll stick to it diligently. 3-4
  3. Make them feel happy always!: Get your class students to always feel good about themselves. Ask them to do a good deed for the week and come and share their experience with the class. By doing this, the students will feel really happy about themselves. They will also listen to their peers on the different experiences.
  4. Retaining the concepts learnt: Your students will be learning a new concept almost every week. Ask them to maintain a group blog of the new concept they learnt. This will make them aware of how much they are learning.

Do let us know if you follow any other ways to keep your students stress-free. Also let us know if any of these ways worked for you :)

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