What are the Qualities of a Good Teacher?

What are the qualities of a good teacher_replace

Studies show that effective teaching is one of the most important factors to improve student learning. The Alliance’s work during the 2010 year has centered on teacher quality, because we believe that every student in every school deserves a strong teacher.

One thought on “What are the Qualities of a Good Teacher?”

  1. S. Krishna Kumar says:

    I am concerned. Whenever we talk about education, teaching and teachers… why are we falling into the hole of Western educational imperialism for inspiration? I mean, don’t we have teachers and students here in India to talk about our system and what fits our requirements? Why doesn’t someone do a video or audio about ourselves? A lot of paradigms we think are paradigms, we seem to glean only from the West. Do we introspect if we are trying to define our requirements from others’ specifications? What we need urgently is to accept that our culture and our system needs our paradigms. And we are always trying to justify our situations as rights or wrongs based on Western parameters of morals and rights and wrongs. We teachers and students live in a different world of expectations and try as we might to change the ways of thinking, we are stuck in a rat-race world where our kids have to live with the weight of their parental failures of ambitions and desires! Why, for example, should a child have to become a doctor or engineer or architect because one or both their parents feel/s they never had a doctor or engineer or architect in their family or perhaps they failed in their ambition to do so? What we need is a humane and human experience to teaching and learning, not syllabus based, marks oriented benchmarks of competitive learning. Until that changes, we will, I guess, painfully so, have to be stuck to these western videos to inspire some of us and consider ourselves honoured to be watching Western, inspirational videos!

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