Who do our Teacher’s Resemble More Today – Mentors or Trainers?  

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Definition of a Mentor: An experienced and a trusted adviser.

Definition of a Trainer: A person who trains people or animals.

Which definition is closer to the functions of a teacher in today’s time?

Why has teacher appreciation been decreasing by the day all over the world?

Do we have ideal teachers anymore to develop our community and country?

Is the greatness in teaching lost?  Have we lost respect for the teaching profession?

Teachers are the backbone of the educational system. Their contribution is vital to the success of the educational setup in any country. Few decades ago, being a teacher was a well respected job. The community looked up to a teacher with the respect they give to any noble profession. It was in the same category as that of doctors, law makers and the police. It was very vital to the existence and future of any community. But today teaching has become an ignored profession. Education has become corporatized. Only results and marks matter today.

We need to introspect as to how we are functioning as teachers today? Are we satisfying the needs of the students? Or have we succumbed to the pressures of parents to push their kids to perform well in examinations? We were supposed to know the needs of the students and help them achieve it. But we have compromised with the ideals of teaching in such a way that has left the students unprotected from becoming prey to the ambitions of the corporate job market. We, who teach children about principles and ideals, may have to look deep to find them in our very selves.

Definition of a Teacher:  A teacher develops the minds of children and young adults, and prepares them to become worthwhile citizens of society.

Have we today become like corporate trainers for our students? We may have started to behave in such a way, that we are hindering them from dreaming. Are we teaching them to love learning or are we indirectly putting it in their head that, studies are something that we need to get over with. Saying things like, “study this now; after exams you don’t need to touch this book”, have we become just dispensers to impart knowledge? We should be telling students why they need that information they are studying. Has education become just a stepping stone to getting a job? Have we become like trainers whose job is to make the candidate up to date with enough information to get the job done?

“Each person has an ideal, a hope, a dream which represents the soul. We must give to it the warmth of love, the light of understanding and the essence of encouragement.” – Colby Dorr Dam

What if we look at teaching in a different light? Aren’t we called to mentor and help students become knowledgeable persons who will be equipped to make better decisions?  Isn’t mentoring the cornerstone of teaching? Mentoring is all about ensuring that the person gets support and guidance to achieve their goals. We must let students flower into better personalities by letting them explore their strengths and learn how they can put it to use wisely.

We are not just passing on to them information to live, but developing characteristics in them that will help them learn and survive in whichever situation they are in. Teachers can gain back the respect for their profession by becoming individuals who will be remembered by their students for decades for bringing out the best in them. The greatest people who have lived have owed it to their teachers. Teachers can make things possible. Today’s teachers are responsible for nurturing the pioneers of our future.


abraham_verghese Abraham Vargheese is a freelance content developer by profession, who in deeply interested in studying human behavior. For him, learning is a life-long experience. He has also started developing interest in fields like Journalism, Politics and Sociology. He can be reached at abrahamv1993@gmail.com.




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