Do You Know How To Correctly Use These Really Tricky Words?

Find out now if you are an english grammar super star by passing this TRICKY grammar quiz!

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The Passionate Teacher

Dr.N.Srinivasan is a Ph.D holder and has authored a couple of books.He gives special attention to slow learners and believes that everyone on the face of earth is unique. We thank him for opening up and sharing about his life, vision, beautiful thoughts and inspirations for Guru Mantra. We hope you…


CBSE seeks feedback from students through online form

CBSE is seeking feedback from its students about their schools’ infrastructure, teaching methodology and the board’s curriculum quality. The feedback is to be submitted online through a questionnaire put up on the central board’s official site. Students of Std V-XII have been invited to rate their school and give suggestions…


Meera #31

Meera is an attempt to address serious issues through the eyes of a child, for other children like her. It appears every Friday in The Hindu Young World. The comic is the product of a long discussion, over one night, about how Indian comics never target children. And how, somehow,…


Children of Heaven

Genre : Family, Drama Directors : Majid Majidi Starring : Mohammad Amir Naji, Amir Farrokh Hashemian, Bahare Seddiqi Age  : 7+ Ali takes his little sister Zahra’s shoes to the shoemaker to be repaired, but loses them on the way home. The siblings decide to keep the predicament a secret from their…


Coming soon, ‘Little Police’ to school around you

As a step towards implementation of the ‘Little Police’ programme proposed to be launched by the Goa police shortly, the Quepem Dy SP Sammy Tavares on Monday held a meeting with the teachers of various schools in Quepem who have been designated as coordinators for the scheme. The programme entails…

The word "staycation" appears in the most recent edition of the Collegiate Dictionary at the headquarters of the Merriam-Webster dictionary publisher in Springfield, Mass., Wednesday July 1, 2009. John Morse, president and publisher of the Springfield-based dictionary publisher, said many of this year's new words are tied to changes in technology, increasing environmental awareness and aging baby boomers' concerns about their health and have become part of the general lexicon. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Dictionary Deception

This game is based on a popular box game. To start the game, the teacher chooses a word for which no student will know the meaning. The teacher writes the word on the chalkboard and writes the definition of the word on a sheet of paper from a small pad….

Elementary age school kids spell the word "Teacher" with their bodies.

What Kind Of Teacher Are You?

Take the quiz to find out what kind of teacher you are and compare your results with your colleagues.


How to teach a young introvert

What should we do with the quiet kids? A conversation with Susan Cain on the future of classroom education. Susan Cain sticks up for the introverts of the world. One third to one half the population identifies as introverts, that means sticking up for a lot of people. Some of…


Lenz’s Law in action

  Watch what happens when you drop a magnet down an aluminum tube. It’s oddly relaxing to watch. Then, if you liked that, it’s even slightly slower through a copper tube.    

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