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How to harvest Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in your classrooms?

Content Curator : Rajeshwari April 14th is significant as it celebrates the birth anniversary of Dr. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar as Ambedkar Jayanti. He was born in 1891. He has greatly contributed to the society as a Philosopher, an Activist, a Historian, and a Juror.  His contributions towards spreading…

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How to explore the varied patterns of life

Have you ever felt like reading an Autobiography? Isn’t it fun to explore some real interesting stuff, from real people, real events, experiences, how they react, etc. It is like, in a sitting, you consume many experiences, many outlooks of life, many interesting and applicable information, even having some of…


The day when Mathematics, physics, economics, history and art came together!

Content Curator : Hariharan If one day of the year screams “Party!” in Math class, that day is March 14. Each year on 3/14, teachers across the globe take a break from the normal routine to plan a special celebration in honour of pi, or the number 3.14. March 14 also…


How are you going to #Beboldforchange to create a gender inclusive world?

MARCH 8TH International Women’s Day is a global day acknowledging the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. In 1908, on the last Sunday of February, socialist women in the United States initiated the first Women’s Day march through the streets of New York City to demand shorter hours,…

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Strategies for Teaching Reading: Part-1

These ELT Teacher Training Videos from Oxford University Press India aim to address significant and common issues in day-to-day classroom teacher-student interaction. About the video: This video enumerates the strategy of silent reading instead of reading aloud, a common practice in classrooms.