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Devishobha is a writer, blogger, and a passionate mom of 2 kids. She relives the journey of childhood through them by collecting quips by kids on the world through theirs eyes A lot of other parents have joined her in this journey. Her other passions include Child Psychology, Public Policy and Green Sustainability Solutions. Her articles have also appeared on Citizen Matters, Deccan Chronicle and Huffington Post.

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Rama Ramesh

Rama Ramesh is a creative writer and has been writing for children for about 6 years. She has published stories/features in different Indian children magazines. She has also co-authored a series of books on nanotechnology for kids. She has a post-graduate degree in biotechnology and has interest in all science topics.

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Abraham Vargheese

Abraham Verghese is a freelance content developer by profession, who in deeply interested in studying human behavior. For him, learning is a life-long experience. He has also started developing interest in fields like Journalism, Politics and Sociology.

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Konrad has a Management Degree from the Loyola Institute of Business Administration and a B.Sc. – Visual Communication from Loyola College. His interests include writing, reading, music composition and public speaking. He is passionate about education in India, and addresses hundreds of young graduates and school students in career and life readiness contexts. He currently runs a consulting firm with focus on Marketing, Sales, and Behavioral consulting.

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 Anusha Parthasarathy

Anusha Parthasarathy has worked as a features journalist with The Hindu for five years. She writes mostly on history, gender issues and education. Her interests centre around art, literature, environment and music. Meera is her first attempt at writing for children and she hopes to discuss and create a platform for serious issues for children, through the eyes of a child.

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Ashok Rajagopalan

Ashok Rajagopalan has been illustrating books for children since 1989 when he drew for Chandamama’s Junior Quest and writing them since 2007. His Witchsnare, published by Penguin India, is India’s first gamebook and his first published book. He is best known as the author and illustrator of Gajapati Kulapati. Ashok believes that anybody can write or draw, if they really want to. He lives with his family in Korattur, a quiet suburb of Chennai.

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