National Science Day

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National Science Day is one of the main science festivals throughout India. It is celebrated on 28th February each year to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian Physicist Sir Chandrashekara Venkata Raman on 28th February 1930. For his discovery, Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution in Physics in 1930, the first time for an Indian.

The Raman Effect got designated as an International Historic Chemical Landmark in the year 2013 on the National Science Day.

Recognizing the significance of his discovery, the country has been celebrating this day as National Science Day since 1986. The aim to celebrate the day with great fervour and enthusiasm is to impart scientific temper in the minds of people of all age groups. For this, large number of people from schools, colleges, state science institutions, etc, participate in public debates, virtual tours, science quiz, and many more activities. Various institutes also display their new projects and latest researches on this day.

To know more about Raman Effect, click here.

The focal theme for National Science Day 2017 is- ‘Science and Technology for specially abled persons’.

Watch Harish Srinivas, Co-Founder of Infinite Engineers, talk on Science for the Differently-abled.

Activity Ideas for Science Day

  1. Take your students on a tour to your local planetarium and science institutes for hands on experience
  2. Set up a student organized science fair/exhibition to display their understanding of science concepts.
  3. Organize science events- science quizzes, laboratory challenges, inquiry activities, lecture series, etc!
  4. Organize student community projects aligned to 2017 theme – ‘ Science for the differently abled’.
  5. Ask students to teach science experiments and fun activities to their differently abled friends from their neighbouring community.

Teaching Resources

  1. Looking for great science lesson plans-
  2. For innovative teaching learning resources –

When am I going to use this stuff? Why should I learn this?
How do you deal the constant protesting laments from your students?

Watch Harish Srinivas, Co-Founder of Infinite Engineers talk about how to make every lesson relevant to each student.

What is your role as a teacher to prepare your students for the scientific world that we live in? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  2. latha says:

    we conducted a simple working model for science exhibition

  3. P.Shiva Kumari says:

    We inspire our students to do some science practicals with their own idea.

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