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Peer Learning Final

Content Curator : Sharanya

What is Peer Learning?clip-art-kids

Peer learning, or peer instruction, is a type of collaborative learning that involves students working in pairs or small groups to discuss concepts, or find solutions to problems.

Peer learning is often implemented in schools to provide a friendly environment for students to learn and promote personalized learning. It has been proven to be one of the most effective teaching methods implemented in schools.

 Why should a teacher implement peer learning in classroom?5f73bd6ab74ea9e63f46fd51c2c9da64
  • Students receive more time for individualized learning.
  • Direct interaction between students promotes active learning.
  • Students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with a peer.
  • Peer Learning promotes better understanding
  • Teachers receive more time to focus on the next lesson

Activity to implement Peer Learning in your Classroom
  1. Choose the lesson to be taught for the day. (Preferable if it’s a lesson for revision)
  2. Tell your students, “We are going to be revising lesson ______________” How many of you have doubts in this lesson? Make a note of the students who speak up saying they have doubts!
  3. Next, ask your students “How many of you understood the lesson really well? Make a note these students!
  4. Pair these students together – A student who finds the lesson difficult with a student who finds the lesson easy.
  5. There will be students who do not raise their hands for both questions. It is okay. Pair those students together.
  6. Make sure the grouping is not more than 2 students in each group.
  7. Now, get students to revise and learn the concept together.


You, as a teacher will have lot of time while your students are learning on their own.
  • Observe how each group is learning the concept.
  • Yes, the class might get noisy. Allow peer interaction. But let it not deviate.
  • Get your students to come and ask you questions if neither are able to explain the concept clearly.
  • Individual learning time can be devoted by you to each group!

Wrap up!

Get each student to write if he/she enjoyed the class. What made it enjoyable? Did they have a better understanding of the lesson?

Some other ways of implementing Peer Learning in classroomLink

Have you implemented Peer Learning in your classroom? How do you benefit through peer Learning?

4 thoughts on “Get your children to learn together!”

  1. Jackson says:

    Was a useful read. Thank I came to know about the concept of Peer Learning.

  2. Ant Mani says:

    Peer learning was one of the biggest learning I got from IIM. Nearly 40% of the work were project based and has to be done in groups. More than learning the subject, Team-Work and its Struggles is the real learning. Almost all work in real-world is done in teams. If we don’t do that in schools, we are not preparing the students for real-world.

  3. Nirmala says:

    Peer learning is one of the best self learning method. Students receive more time for individualized learning and reinforce their own learning by instructing others.

  4. Yeshvanth says:

    One of the best practices for effective learning. Nice share!

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