Pepper in Water


Teaching the kids about surface tension and other cool science things is more fun when you can show them. Grab your supplies and get ready for some great science fun in the kitchen.

What you need:

small bowl
ground pepper
dish washing liquid
cocktail stick


Half fill a small bowl with water.
Sprinkle pepper on the surface of the water, forming a small layer.
With your cocktail stick, firstly dip this in the washing-up liquid.
Then dip the tip of the stick in the middle of the water.
As the washing-up liquid touches the water, what is happening to the pepper?
The pepper should spread out and merge together forming patterns.


Because the washing-up liquid reduces surface tension and allows the the particles of water at the surface to spread out more.

2 thoughts on “Pepper in Water”

  1. Yesvanth Palanivel says:

    Brilliant experiment to try out!

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