Whose Terms Are Those Anyway?

It was a usual evening; my husband and I had gone out to one of the popular restaurants in Bangalore — the one in which you would typically share your seats with another family. It turned out that the family seated opposite to us on our table was a couple…


The Truth About Lies

I remember this story I read as a child: A little boy, James comes home to his mother everyday and narrates the escapades of his classmate Charlie. Charlie does the most unimaginable of things: goes out for a stroll in the garden in the middle of a class, plays in…


The man who is using cameras to revolutionize agriculture in India

” Agriculture is the only thing we do for income generation and if we are not even doing it properly, how will we survive? I got associated with a local self-help group (SHG) in my village and they connected me to a team which taught us amazing things through videos….


A Radical Way of Unleashing a Generation of Geniuses

Primary School sits next to a dump just across the US border in Mexico. The school serves residents of Matamoros, a dusty, sunbaked city of 489,000 that is a flash point in the war on drugs. There are regular shoot-outs, and it’s not uncommon for locals to find bodies scattered…


How to teach a young introvert

What should we do with the quiet kids? A conversation with Susan Cain on the future of classroom education. Susan Cain sticks up for the introverts of the world. One third to one half the population identifies as introverts, that means sticking up for a lot of people. Some of…