Engage Kids with 7x Effect

Engage Kids with 7x the Effect

Excerpt: So, what is engagement? It depends on whom you ask. In an unpublished study, Shari Steadman and I found that pre-service teachers often identified acts of compliance as engagement. Wrote one education major, “Engagement is an agreement between student[s] and teachers to be there and present during class.” This…

Appeal to Value

To Help Students Learn, Appeal to What They Value

Excerpt: Greg was among my toughest students in a tough year of teaching high school. Physically he attended class, but academically he was missing. He was a freshman invested in his image with older students he deemed cool, and academic achievement was not a group value. He was disruptive and…

Tough Young Teachers_BBC_Doc_replace

Tough Young Teachers: Episode-1

In this BBC Documentary, Oxford graduate Charles is teaching at the Archbishop Lanfranc School in Croydon, a rundown and overcrowded comprehensive. Charles faces a huge workload of 500 students a week to teach, some of whom have only just arrived in the country and cannot speak English. Oliver is on…

how_i_handled BUilding student's thinking skills_REPLACE

Building Students’ Thinking Skills with a Morning Announcement Routine

We knew from test results and our own observations that we needed to focus school-wide on building critical thinking skills. As principal, I wanted to play an active role in that effort. I wanted to model excitement for critical thinking that would be contagious. But how could I engage all…

Freedom Writers_replace

Freedom Writers

This ambitious drama is based on the true story of an idealistic teacher who took on the challenge of educating a diverse group of high school students classified as “unteachables” in Los Angeles in 1994 shortly after the beating of Rodney King and the subsequent riots. Woodrow Wilson High School…


Teachers Who Make Principal Say Wow!

Wow — teachers are amazing! On a daily basis, principals around the world are amazed and inspired by the energy and creative ideas of the teachers who surround them!

Easy as Pi

Easy as Pi

I asked this group of well-educated professionals what they remembered from their own education about pi. Someone responded, “3.14159.” “You’re right,” I said, “that is the value of pi, but does anyone remember what pi means?”


Three Idiots Multiplied

Aditya Natraj is an exception. An MBA from Insead (France), he believes people need to be familiarised with the issues so they can device solutions. “”Gandhi, Kurien and Swaminathan had a deep understanding of the problems they addressed. To create such leaders again, it is crucial to create an understanding…

take5_Offering Advice to first-year

Take Five: Offering Advice to Help First-Year Teachers Succeed

You can help new teachers succeed by offering advice such as this from principal Terri Kirkman: “Realize that you will probably learn more in your first year of teaching than you did in all four years of your college.”


Raising Achievement of Students Who Score in the Bottom 25 Percent

I’ll be honest: At one time, we were not doing a very good job of tracking the achievement and test scores of the bottom 25 percent of our students. We couldn’t have told you if they were progressing or not.

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