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Geography and Language Quiz

What are people from Mumbai called? How many continents have English names containing a cardinal direction? Take a trip around the world and test your knowledge of geography, culture, and language.


Copy Me

  This is simply a game of copycat.  The teacher uses a combination of clapping and sounds to make a pattern.  Students need to copy what the teacher says/does.  This can start with a simple pattern of only 2-3 and can extend to add more. To make it even more…

Empty water bottles

Plastics: Fact or Fiction?

Are some forms of plastic stronger than steel? From celluloid to the conduction of electricity, learn more about plastics in this quiz.


Red Elbow

This game involves the teacher calling out a colour and a body part.  Students must find an object in the room that is that colour and then touch the selected body part to that object.  For example, if the teacher calls out pink thumb, then students need to find an…


Seeing Stars: Fact or Fiction?

Are there twelve signs in the zodiac? Is Sirius the brightest star in the sky? Connect the dots in this astronomy quiz.


Lost on a Deserted Island

The situation is dire — following a shipwreck, everyone has been stranded on a deserted island!  Each person is allowed to bring one object to the island — ideally something that represents them or something that they enjoy.  The first part of this icebreaker is simple: each person is asked to…


Grammar Series – Noun Quiz

Test your knowledge of all things Grammar! Try these fun grammar quizzes to test your understanding of grammar.


Chain Reaction

  You can easily adapt this game to many areas of the curriculum. The teacher writes a category on the chalkboard — foods, for example. Each student writes the letters A to Z on a sheet of paper. The students have five minutes to create an alphabetical list of as…


Do You Know How To Correctly Use These Really Tricky Words?

Find out now if you are an english grammar super star by passing this TRICKY grammar quiz!

The word "staycation" appears in the most recent edition of the Collegiate Dictionary at the headquarters of the Merriam-Webster dictionary publisher in Springfield, Mass., Wednesday July 1, 2009. John Morse, president and publisher of the Springfield-based dictionary publisher, said many of this year's new words are tied to changes in technology, increasing environmental awareness and aging baby boomers' concerns about their health and have become part of the general lexicon. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Dictionary Deception

This game is based on a popular box game. To start the game, the teacher chooses a word for which no student will know the meaning. The teacher writes the word on the chalkboard and writes the definition of the word on a sheet of paper from a small pad….

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