A page in the life of a teenager-1

A Page in Life of a Teenager & 9 Sad Facts Associated with it

I was 13. My body had started to change. I had grown taller, my breasts had sprouted. I had also recently started getting an unwelcome bloody visitor every month. I was not sure if I was beautiful. I went to a very highly accomplished school.  Our teachers came from impressive…

Games on Emotions

An Award Winning Innovative Research on Emotional Intelligence

Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi, Principal Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar did the research on “How to improve Emotional Intelligence of the students in a classroom through positive teacher – student relationship”.  The research was under the theme of INNOVATIVE TEACHING OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP of the Global Teacher Accreditation project by British Council . She received this award…

What if you never had a teacher_replace

What if You Never had a Teacher

61 million children are not in primary school. The biggest thing we can do to give them their right to education is make sure they have access to a trained teacher. To do this, we need 1.7 million more teachers — 1 million more in Africa alone.


Teachers Who Make Principal Say Wow!

Wow — teachers are amazing! On a daily basis, principals around the world are amazed and inspired by the energy and creative ideas of the teachers who surround them!

How schools kills creativity_replace

How Schools Kill Creativity

Being wrong is the new right. “We don’t grow into creativity, rather, we grow out of it.”

Kid president's pep talk

Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

Kid President believes we’re all teachers and we’re all students. What are you teaching the world? Who are you learning from? Share this with a special teacher in your life!

The value of play

The Value of Play-I: The Definition of Play Gives Insights

Most of this essay is about the defining characteristics of play, but before listing them there are three general points that I think are worth keeping in mind. The first point is that the characteristics of play all have to do with motivation and mental attitude, not with the overt…


Why Listen to Students?

What would they say about the kinds of teaching they were exposed to each day? I wondered how they felt about their schools as communities (in high schools, often large, with much flurry and activity for 3-4 minutes between classes).


Three Idiots Multiplied

Aditya Natraj is an exception. An MBA from Insead (France), he believes people need to be familiarised with the issues so they can device solutions. “”Gandhi, Kurien and Swaminathan had a deep understanding of the problems they addressed. To create such leaders again, it is crucial to create an understanding…

Wisdom from McArthur Genius_replace

Wisdom from a MacArthur Genius: Psychologist Angela Duckworth on Why Grit, Not IQ, Predicts Success

The problem, I think, is not only the schools but also the students themselves. Here’s why: learning is hard. True, learning is fun, exhilarating and gratifying — but it is also often daunting, exhausting and sometimes discouraging. . . . To help chronically low-performing but intelligent students, educators and parents…

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