Using Technology to Create Student-Centered Learning Environment

In this modern era of 21st century, the infusion of technology into teaching and learning has a remarkable influence on the instructional strategies of the educational institutions. The traditional teacher-centric method which has been going on for decades has now been modified and enhanced, owing to technology. In contrast to the…

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Meet Anmol Tukrel whose school project is 47% more accurate than Google

Do you know who is competing with Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella? He is a class 10 student and at the age of 16, he designed a personalised search engine that claims to be as high as 47% more accurate than Google. The search designed by…

What happens when 5th graders run the classroom

What Happens When 5th Graders Run the Classroom: A SOLE in Action

Eleven-year-old running a classroom? That could sound outlandish to some elementary school teachers, but not to Joe Jamison, or “Mr. J” as he is affectionately called by his fifth-grade students at Lawrence Intermediate School in central New Jersey. “I learn from my kids,” says Mr. J,

MIT Unleashes New Online Game

MIT Unleashes New Online Game for Math and Science

As the buzz around games and learning continues to grow, one particular subset — Massive Open Online (MMO) games — is catching the attention of educators as a particularly interesting way to encourage students to collaborate, problem solve, create and think for themselves within a game.